Getting started on Google Summer of Code 2011

Posted on May 2, 2011

This summer I will work for The NetBSD Foundation. This blog is dedicated to track my progress.

My project is “Add kqueue support to GIO”. The main intention is to bring a native file monitoring support to GIO. Currently it uses inotify “as is”, during the summer I will give it an abstration layer and a kqueue back-end. Additionally an inotify-over-kqueue compatibility library is planned, it will help to easily port and run any software that uses inotify directly.

The subject is interesting and fun, and it promises a lot of research of the kqueue and inotify implementations.

Here is a short plan of actions:

  1. Community bonding period
  2. May 23 - June 23: the core work
  3. June 24 - July 10: wrap up for a milestone (midterm evaluations)
  4. July 11 - August 1: the rest of the work
  5. August 2 - August 7: offline
  6. August 8 - August 22: final stage

The more complete one will be available here (as soon as I will receive permissions to modify that page).

Currently I am updating my NetBSD 5.0.2 to current . The Toshiba A210-199 laptop has overheated and halted during the build for three times in a row, so I have placed it on a sill to use a cool air from the street for cooling.

Larger version , 1.5M