I authored and contributed to number of open-source projects (off-work) in the past. This page lists the most notable ones. Unfortunately, neither of those can be considered “done”, but some of them are in a pretty good “initial” shape, I believe.


inotify(7) implementation for *BSD operating systems. Written for user-space atop of kqueue(2), BSD’s native event notififaction subsystem.

Started as Google Summer of Code’2011 project, this library was initially delivered to the NetBSD project (here is a blog post about this). Reported to work on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and even on OS X (which was not renamed to macOS yet).

The project is currently managed by Vladimir Kondratiev and hosted on Github (and is rewritten heavily by Vladimir since then).


Shampoo is an Emacs development environment for Smalltalk, inspired by SLIME (from the Lisp language family).

Supported Pharo and GNU Smalltalk, not currently developed since its inception in 2012. Since I return to Smalltalk once a decade, there may be update(s) soon.

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An experimental Pharo interface (FFI binding) and object model atop of OpenVX, a Khronos standard for graph-based computer vision.

Written during ESUG Conference in 2015, covers basic OpenVX 1.0.1 functionality (and may work with more recent runtimes).

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Live Programming in Modern Smalltalk

This is an online class on practical modern Smalltalk I organized for my colleauges. The class is available only in Russian.

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