Almost ready

Posted on June 20, 2011

During the last 2+ weeks I have resolved many pending TODOs in the gio/kqueue project, including

  • Memory allocation policy improvements;
  • Some performance tricks;
  • Little refactorings and documentation;

Also, the missing files monitoring was implemented and merged into the kqueue/master branch.

So, almost all the planned functionality for GIO kqueue backend is ready and I am testing it actively now.

The backend works fine on tiny homebrew examples, like

rm file
touch file
touch file
echo 'Hello' >> file
mv file file2
rm file2

but it is not enough. I have wrote a GNU Smalltalk script that generates a directory tree and simulates a heavy file system activity on it. It touches, deletes, moves files and directories and generates subdirectories in that tree for ~50 times per second. The test application (not published yet) monitors activity on that tree. I have discovered some issues, but I am not sure if these issues are related to the backend or to the application. Currently I am working on resolving it.

Anyway, the rapid monitoring on a tree of ~1000 nodes looks fantastic! :)

I have also posted two announcements, one on tech-pkg NetBSD list and another one on Glib/GTK+ developers list.

Stay tuned.