Shampoo reaches its first release

October 20, 2012

After two years of passive and lazy development I am proud to introduce you Shampoo – an Emacs mode for remote Smalltalk development.

With Shampoo you can:

  • Connect to your Smalltalk image and browse its classes and methods;
  • Modify existing classes and methods and add new ones;
  • Evaluate Smalltalk code and examine its results;
  • View everything printed on Transcript.

Obviously, to achieve this functionality the Emacs mode is not enough. Shampoo is bundled with the Smalltalk server applications that actually provide the access to an image. Servers are available for GNU Smalltalk and Pharo.

Shampoo is inspired by the awesome Common Lisp development tools SLIME and SWANK. I hope that one day Shampoo will reach the same level of coolness.

Of course, the first release is not very stable, it has bugs and does not provide a rich end user experience. And that is why I release it! The more people will try it, the more issues and ideas how to improve it I am going to mine. Thanks to Kent Beck for opening my eyes.

So now please download, install, try it out and send me your feedback!